Artist's Message - 2/11/23

Greetings from Majestic Montana. Did you know this is the 4th largest state in the nation?

When I was in school I never fully understood it when artists suddenly shifted gears and went from focusing on one medium to another. Or a change in one type of material or favoring a vivid color as Picasso so famously did with blue.

Well, just before moving to Montana -- this makes no sense -- I began to get the itch to make more images of people and life, and less of pretty landscapes and wildlife. Don't get me wrong. I'll shoot till my hands are blue if I see a bear playing in the snow. Only now I find myself interested in faces and eyes and hands and the stories they tell. Case in point, last year I attended the Blackfoot Nation Pow Wow near Glacier. First, the people running the event couldn't have been more hospitable. They allowed me to shoot in places I never would have asked to go. I don't have to give a history lesson about how Americans treated the first Americans so just look at the few pictures on the Home page and people gallery.

By the way, for you camera nuts, the Fuji X100V is like a dream and it's all I'm shooting with now. This March, I'm heading off to Amsterdam and Berlin. The former is a city I know very well. There are dozens of Dutch pictures laced throughout this site. By the way, "Holland" is a County, not a country. 

Take a lap around the site and if you see something you’d like to know more about, please try me at [email protected] or 480-335-9404 and we can set up a time to talk. Thanks! 


My Story

44 years after first trying out my dad’s camera, looking through a lens still feels like magic. After sharing my work for others’ enjoyment all those years, in late 2018 I decided to turn professional. Six months later, I had edited 160,000+ photos, and posted my favorites here. Since then, I'm proud the Yellowstone Art Museum and Albuquerque Museum, as well as arts centers and galleries in 14 states -- Colorado, California, North Carolina, Kentucky, Oregon, New York, Minnesota, Missouri, Wyoming, Massachusetts, Virginia, Kansas, Florida, Texas and Scotland have exhibited my work. The Burren College of Art in Ireland and the Unpack Havana Studio in Cuba accepted me into their Residency Programs before Covid swooped down and I hope to complete those in 2024. I remain profoundly grateful to the gallery owners, curators, judges and collectors who have supported my evolution as a professional artist, even if I got a late start.