Artist's Message - 9/3/22

Greetings from Majestic Montana. Did you know this is the 4th largest state in the nation?

I hope you and yours have made it through COVID unharmed.  I am grateful that no one I love got very sick, the virus did change some of my plans. I was supposed to attend residency programs in Ireland and Cuba and have my first solo show in Denver. While I managed to do a mini-residency in Ireland, the Gallery in Denver closed. The big news, however, is that my residency in Cuba is back on and I will be spending March of 2023 in Havana! 

I have featured here an entire collection I made in the breathtaking Faroe Islands during COVID. Nestled between Iceland, Scotland, Denmark and Norway, the Faroes are a chain of 18 volcanic islands connected by bridges, tunnels, and ferries. One of those tunnels is over 6 miles long!  They are their own country but also part of the Danish Kingdom. Did I mention there are more sheep than people? IMHO, Alaska, Ireland, Hawaii, Big Sur, and the San Juan Islands don’t hold a candle to the Faroes.

Be on the lookout for some stunning landscapes from White Sands National Park in New Mexico.

You may notice some changes to this website. I’ve learned that artists work directly with their clients for a reason. There are so many variables like colors, textures, and finishes to consider, a few clicks of the mouse just won't cut it.  A 3x5 foot large print of a bear in Yellowstone or a 13-year-old Cambodian monk just can't be bought like a pair of headphones or a book on Amazon. So, please take a lap through the site and if you see something you’d like to know more about, please send me an email [email protected] or a text 480-335-9404 and we can set up a time to talk. Thanks! 


My Story

Not yet diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, as a young photographer, I taught myself how to shoot. What I couldn’t yet grasp was that great photography was about light frozen in time. The challenge I struggled with for decades, was learning to appreciate the light in my own life. With treatment, I came to understand that the act of seeing and capturing light literally pushes away the darkness I battle most days. Viewing the world through a camera helps me find peace. Every image is a reminder that the beauty of this world can be mine to enjoy too. I now realize that my “specialty” isn’t wildlife, landscape or portrait photography. It is helping others find refuge from their own darkness, if only for a second, by appreciating the light in my pictures. That’s why I frame my work so tightly. I want to be sure viewers see exactly what I did when I pressed the shutter.

44 years after first trying out my dad’s camera, looking through a lens still feels like magic. After sharing my work for others’ enjoyment all those years, in late 2018 I decided to turn professional. Six months later, I had edited 160,000+ photos, and posted my favorites here. Since then, I'm proud that galleries, arts centers and museums in 16 states -- Montana, Colorado, California, New Mexico, North Carolina, Kentucky, Oregon, New York, Minnesota, Missouri, Wyoming, Massachusetts, Virginia, Kansas, Florida, Texas and Scotland have exhibited my work. The Burren College of Art in Ireland and the Unpack Havana Studio in Cuba accepted me into their Residency Programs before Covid shut down the world. I remain profoundly grateful to the gallery owners, curators, judges and collectors who have supported my evolution as a professional artist, even if I got a late start.